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October 30, 2015

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Axel Arigato – Trainer Extraordinaire

Axel Arigato
I have recently started getting back into trainers. Guess I am going through my mid-life crisis at 31. Better sooner than later!! Hahaha, but no really. I just acquired 3 colors of the new Puma Suede and I love them. I think the problem is that when I came to England, I had to pretty much get rid of the +100 trainers that I used to have and have been wearing dress shoes ever since. But on a Sunday when I am feeling lazy and just want to have a walk in comfy clothes (yes I am not that snobbish!), I don’t really want to put on leather soled dress shoes. So I am getting back into trainers, for my Sunday shoes.

Axel Arigato Axel Arigato Axel Arigato Axel Arigato

I really don’t know a ton about Axel Arigato but I know that they have a crazy following on IG, are a Swedish brand and make some very cool trainers and some interesting wholecut tassel loafers. And not for the ridiculous prices that some other trainer companies are charging. They are a modest €160. Not that that is super cheap but for what looks to be a well made trainer, I would certainly spend that and I find it way more reasonable than those that charge +£250. Check them out if you have time, you just might find something you like!

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axel arigato axel arigato axel arigato axel arigato

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