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December 3, 2015

Septieme Larguer Mid-Boot Wholecut

Septieme Larguer Mid-Boot Wholecut


Septieme Largeur have recently released a smart, leather sole version of their mid-boot wholecut and are offering it up in their patina service section of the website. You don’t often see a wholecut of this calibre in anything outside of handmade shoemaking as it is not the easiest model to cut, nor last over. But that didn’t apparently stop SL from releasing one. And with all of that leather imagine all of the possibilities that could be done. Shown is a very basic example of the complexities of , but at least gives you some eye candy to ponder from. Now just think about adding a few more shades in there and you have something wondrous!

Photos and patina done by Arnaud Taveres De Almeida


Septieme Larguer Mid-Boot Wholecut

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