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New Japanese Brand Set to Stun! – Floriwonne by FG Trente



Floriwonne by FG Trente is yet another brand that I have found on Instragram courtesy of Bespoke-Makers account. I can’t say that I am quite sure if it is a collaboration between a patina artist (what I presume to be Floriwonne) and a shoemaker (FG Trente) but all that I do know is that the shoes are beautiful and have shape like a laser cut diamond! With their Japanese perfection in making, they also possess the flair of French shape/silhouette  (in bespoke shoes). It’s a great mix as sometimes Japanese shoemakers can be a bit extreme in their making, yet these shoes feel like just the right amount of blend. I don’t know much about the pricing or how to get them but I would presume to think that they are exclusive to the Japanese market as bespoke product. But who knows, maybe they will become a huge success and make them into a RTW brand. Here’s to hoping!!

Floriwonne Floriwonne1 Floriwonne2 Floriwonne3 Floriwonne4 Floriwonne5 Floriwonne6 Floriwonne7 Floriwonne8 Floriwonne9 Floriwonne10

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