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January 26, 2017

Dandy Shoe Care Finally Launches Instagram Account!!


Dandy Shoe Care has championed Twitter and Tumblr for many years but never made the jump to Instagram. I always wondered why, especially as these days you can post on Instagram and it can automatically go to your Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and a few other social media apps if you connect them. So in reality it is a no brainer to use as you are able to kill 4 birds with one stone and make life a whole lot easier. And its a picture heavy app and thats what DSC does: sell art through imagery.

But apparently he now figured it out, got pestered by someone or simoly just finally had the time to set it up as as of yesterday @dandyshoecare on IG finally went live! So for all those that have been a fan of DSC and his amazing patinas and are advocates/addicts of Instagram, now you finally have yet another source of inspiration to press like on!

Happy Instagramming!!!

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