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July 17, 2017

Aubercy Visit 2017 — French Kings of Cool Shoes


Not having traveled for over a year and a half before I left London meant that I could not visit one of my favorite cities and that even being one that is so close to London. Of course as you can guess from the shoemaker in the title, that city is Paris. But luckily before I ventured off to the Big Apple, I managed to sneak in a trip there and of course while there had to pay my respects to one of my favorite shoemakers, Aubercy, to see what they were up to. And even better was the fact that I finally had a good camera in my possession making this post so much better than previous ones!

Aubercy, maintaining a small presence in the shoe industry (by personal choice of the owners), never ceases to impress me with their new designs/leather colors and all around shoe greatness that the brand consistently produces. They are constantly pushing the envelope in shoe design and paired with their ability to make amazing last shapes and the use of bold and eclectic leather colors, their shoes consistently remain something to be seen. The only downside is that they are extremely difficult to obtain for those of you that do not frequent Paris. This is for two reasons. They are a small company that does not wish to grow into a mega brand and more importantly because they truly care about how their shoes are sold. They would rather make no sale than an incorrect sale where their shoes might be misrepresented. Honorable? Definitely. But challenging for business for sure and for the consumer to find a place to get them.

So if you are enamored by any of these models, well it looks like your next holiday should be Paris. After all, it’s a beautiful city to visit and a romantic place for all of you couples out there. Just make sure you drop the lady off at the Galeries Lafayette before entering Aubercy and being tempted to spend all of your money!!

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