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September 20, 2017

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A Proper Winter Boot by Loake

I saw this picture (above) on Instagram yesterday and was extremely impressed not only for the quality of the photography but also the nice looking pair of boots by Loake that IG user @muddy250 was wearing. I dont often post Loake for not being a huge fan of 75% of their stuff but I must say that these look like a top notch boot for what I am sure is a great price. And it goes without saying that for what I fear might be a harsh winter, these will be a staple piece of footwear in Muddy’s wardrobe.

I find that scotch/pebble grain is so underrated. You see it in a decent amount of English brands shoe ranges but not much elsewhere and when made I dont feel like it sells like it should. It is such a unique look and great for durability that one would think that with as many places that suffer through harsh weather conditions that they would gravitate to grain leather more often. Especially on those snowy days. But I guess it’s one of those things that will catch on in the future. And that rough weather is coming. Get on that scotch grain people!

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