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September 25, 2017

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Blue Suede Beauties on Sale by Skoaktiebolaget


There are some sweet shoes on sale right now at Skoaktiebolaget’s website, two of them being these beautiful blue suede numbers by Carmina. The featured above is one of my favorite combinations of the year. As many of you may know blue is my favorite color, and I just love it in suede even more. And creating a two-tone out of it puts it right up my alley. Skoak did a job at great pairing the blue suede with this lovely mid brown that Carmina has, their vegano calf I believe. It makes it a very rich colored and attractive shoe. Even better if it would have been a U-cap but hey, I won’t be too picky. But at €273 per pair, for both of these, I believe that all of your potential customers have one heck of a deal here. The only problem is that the only size left is UK10. For for those of you lucky enough to be that size, best get on this deal ASAP!!



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