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October 16, 2017

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Cowboy Boots by Berluti — French Fashion House Goes Western!

In the modern day of retail sales you have to keep up or you will get left behind, especially now, thanks to the internet and the entire world just being one click away. But there is a fine line between keeping up and going overboard. And I am having mixed feelings about the boots at hand, from Berluti’s new A/W collection. I never thought I would see a men’s French style house doing Western cowboy boots. It’s very contradictory in my mind, especially as many (not all) European’s often talk so badly about “ugly” American style. Yet you see plaid shirts, cowboy boots and boat shoes being made by all of these so called ‘trend starters’ in Europe. Funny that. And here is proof that American style can’t be that bad!

The question is, does Berluti have enough power to make their clients think that this is the way to go, and change from their super sleek patina shoes Mon-Fri into a pair of Raylan Givens’ cowboy boots on the weekend? I don’t know……I just don’t see many of their clients who own Ferrari’s and Bugatti’s coming out in a pair of these. But maybe I am wrong and over generalizing??? Maybe Berluti’s come to the point where they dictate what is and what should be? Time shall tell and I look forward to seeing time tell it.



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