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December 7, 2017

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The Best Shoe Photography – Stefano Bemer

Good photography is a hard thing to master. It may not seem like it but there are so many elements to it that make a good ‘shoe’ picture. One might first assume that lighting and a good camera is everything but more important than those two things is the ability to accentuate the shape of the shoe as this is what really makes or break the photo and the beauty of the shoe. Because no matter how good the lighting and the camera, a bad angle can kill the whole thing, make the shoes look like crap and thus kill your sales and/or potential to make a sale.

This is where Stefano Bemer has it down. They check off all of the tick marks to making great photography. While I love their Hero shots, what really sets them apart is their white background product shots. These are the hardest to master and usually look the most soulless. A white background doesn’t give you the backdrop to use the elements naturally given to us to help show the shoe’s beauty. You just have this plain, lifeless background and with that makes it harder to show the shoe’s curves and details. A hero shot with the natural elements helps to bring that out. So making the white background shot the best that it can be, really takes some perfect lighting and one heck of a good camera, not to mention putting the shoe in the exact position to highlights its features as best as one can. And from what I have seen, Bemer’s photographer has mastered this, as you can clearly see here. Well done to them!



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