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August 24, 2018

The Shoe Snob / J.FitzPatrick Footwear – NYC Showroom in the Making


As some of you may know, last year I moved from London to NYC with the hopes of getting our US expansion underway. It has been a long process but things are finally coming to real fruition with our NYC showroom. Most of the works to turn it into an actual workspace from the apartment that it used to be are nearly done and more furniture/fixtures are on their way. And I am now here full time when not traveling.

What this means for Americans and NYC’ers is two things:

1. When purchasing from America, you now have a US location to return to should the shoes not work out for some reason. With USPS, you can ship 2-day priority mail for $19 from anywhere in the country. For those that have had concerns with purchasing at our UK based website for fear of having to ship back to London, those days are now over. You can find the NYC address on our website under ‘stockists,’ in the main menu.

2. We will soon be looking for a full-time employee based in NYC (or close to), in order to fulfill the day to day operations of the showroom i.e. pack and ship, and help clients. We have yet to formalize this but should this be something that would interest you please email me at to get the ball rolling.

Right now the British Pound is pretty low against the US Dollar so now is your chance to make purchases at . I will tell you why, for more than just a currency conversion, and that is mainly due to taking advantage of VAT free shoes with $0 shipping charges to the US from London. In a month or so time, we will have our US website set up. And the prices won’t simply be what our non-VAT prices now are. We will have to take into account the 5% importation fees that we pay to get the shoes into the US as well as the tremendous costs of shipping from the EU to NYC. And for those that think that they can bypass by getting to our UK site, well we will start charging shipping on that site for anyone that wants to purchase from our UK stock as we will no longer be able to absorb that cost on ourselves since we will have a US business.

Therefore, now is your time to take advantage of the great deal we have been offering all of these years, particularly because the British Pound is so weak right now.

I hope that this news is good for many of you with at least regards to return shipping should that be your concern.

Either way, I wish everyone a great weekend!

For any general questions on size advice, or to schedule a visit to our tentative NYC showroom please email


Justin FitzPatrick


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