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The Great Shoe Circle

The Great Shoe Circle

I think that this takes the cake for the greatest that I have ever seen. It certainly isn’t the most impressive shoe collection (not to say it is not impressive but I have seen some that span upwards of 250 pairs) but it certainly is the best presented circle of shoes I have ever seen, not only for what the shoes are being a mix of literally every type of model (except button boots 🙁 ) but mainly because of the well thought out color coordination he presented. The mix of suedes in there also really helped to give depth to that color scheme as the way that suede absorbs color is usually much richer than a calfskin. So it helps it pop out and make this circle much more attractive. And let’s not start on the brands that are in this circle. I mean, just from a glance, I see (quite a bit of them), Crockett, Carmina, , , one pair of yours truly , and I think a Lobb and in there too.

But the one thing that somewhat let it down was the lack of shoe trees in a few pairs. But hey, maybe he is just refreshing on those and they are en route!

Great collection of shoes, courtesy of @nickpoo82 on Instagram


  1. Juan Manuel Ballesteros Allué

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