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July 26, 2019

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The All White Calf Olympia Sneaker

Ever since being a young adolescent, I have loved an all-white sneaker. For me, they go with everything. And that ‘everything’ literally means everything. I probably wouldn’t wear it with a light wool double-breasted suit. But a single button one, I would for sure. Now I know that some people might roll in their grave reading that, but that’s just me. All jokes aside, when it comes to Summer wear or even something a bit heavier but on the smart casual side of things, I really don’t think that wearing a white sneaker out of the reach for most outfits.

Being white, it tends to complement any color of trousers, from khaki to navy, to olive and even black. There really isn’t any color that an all-white sneaker does not go with. And on top of that, you can wear them with shorts too. It is literally the most versatile pair of shoes there is. Nearly like a brown suede loafer. But more comfortable and built for long-distance wear.

We offer our Olympia at a very competitive price of $195 (£175 ex vat £145.83 on the UK site). At the quality that you are getting in return, you really cannot beat that. I dare you to tell me who offers better?

And remember, we have bundled deals on our sneaker.

Buy 2 pairs and get 20% off — Buy 3 pairs and get 30% off

For any questions or concerns, as always please do not hesitate to ask

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Have a great weekend!!

Justin FitzPatrick


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