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September 30, 2016

Baudoin & Lange ‘Sagan’ Loafer Review

My friend Mr. Allan Baudoin has come a long way since being just a young computer science student from Paris to launching his own bespoke shoe label ‘Allan Baudoin’ and now going one step further by entering the RTW shoe game with his famous Belgian loafer, the ‘Sagan’ under the name of Baudoin & Lange. It’s great as well as I saw Allan a long time struggling to find his niche and figure out how […]

January 21, 2016

Allan Baudoin Makes A Mean Chealsea Boot!

  I am normally not a fan of the chelsea boot but the older and more lazy I get (and the more that I see them) the more that I am starting to like them. I have seen Allan Baudoin’s version a few times on Instagram and every time I do, I think that I like them more and more. That being, I thought that for those of you who are big fans of this […]

June 10, 2015

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Allan Baudoin Belgian Style Loafers

In the hopes to always shed light on those that might have a hard time doing so themselves (those of course who deserve some spotlight) as well as seeking out something new for all of you to appreciate, allow me to introduce Allan Baudoin, creator of these fantastic loafers that you see in front of you. I believe that this is now my second time writing about him, but I am not sure how set […]