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October 14, 2019

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New Shoes on The Marketplace

Well, for some of you lucky enough to be around UK6 (US7) to UK7 (US8) you will be pleased to know that some of the best deals have recently been posted on The Marketplace due to one French gentleman who seems be really be clearing out his closet. There are some great models to be had and some even better prices! And for those of you not around those sizes, well there are more out […]

April 13, 2017

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Bookbinder Leather — Don’t Be Fooled

While living in America and working at Nordstrom (way back when), I remember many of the Italian brands making shoes in what looked like a cross between calfskin and patent. Prada, Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana loved the stuff! And to be honest, as I was young and a bit naive, I remember being quite attracted to these shiny things. They had all of the glitz & the glam and thus looked the part of […]

December 19, 2012

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It’s Official….Church’s Are A Fashion Label

Just because a shoe company can make a good shoe, does not make them a great company if the majority of the stuff that they are peddling is rubbish. I came across these shoes the other day and I just felt horrified by the vulgarity of them all. They are pure fashion rubbish……all things that people looking to be coolest on the block with the latest fashion trends drowning their entire being while thinking about […]

April 25, 2012

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The Downfall Of Church’s Shoes

Ever since the Prada group purchased English footwear brand, Church’s, there continuously seems to be a steady decline in quality, integrity and style, almost as if Prada is turning Church’s into a fashion company, much like Prada itself. I don’t understand this, as the old saying goes, “don’t fix something that isn’t broken,” and Church’s were not broken, at least not in integrity….They used to make a lovely shoe, one that used good leather, could […]

December 1, 2011

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What I Am Wearing – Spectators

It’s not very often that I break out my pair of 1920’s Chicago gangster-style spectators, but I always love the reactions that I get when I do. It’s funny, because I never thought of them as “gangster-style” but this is a frequent comment that I receive amongst my colleagues here in London. I always looked at them as a very dandy-ish style shoe that elegant gentleman wore in the southern states of America when they […]

May 11, 2011

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Today’s Favorites – Church’s Women’s Collection

I walk by the Church’s store, in Burlington Arcade, every morning and afternoon and am constantly impressed by their women’s collection and always baffled by the men’s collections. It’s like they literally took all of the designer talent and put them onto the women’s side of the company. On a constant basis there are always these uniquely fresh new styles on the women’s side of the store, but on the men’s side, it’s the same […]

November 12, 2010

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My Shoes #6 – Church’s Spectators

† You have to love a nice spectator. It’s one of the few shoes that can be put to use during all of our beautiful four seasons and be worn with many different types of clothing. Not only can you pair them with a smart suit, or just some nice trousers and a button-up but best of all, they look great with a nice pair of jeans. Even though the weather here in England is […]

October 29, 2010

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My Shoes # 4 – Church’s

Considering that I just did a post about blue suede shoes and I have been yearning to get these back (from being stored in Italy), I figured that I would show you all, my pair of blue suede’s by Church’s. I absolutely love these shoes!! Despite having a white sole, they are great all year round and compliment a lot of the clothing that I tend to wear. And like I said in the post […]

September 29, 2010

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When Great Companies Go Terribly Wrong!

It almost makes me sad to write this post and share the pictures that I have with you but I feel it is necessary to show what can and will happen if you try too hard to please every single customer. I was inspired to write this post the day that I saw Salvatore Ferragamo create, what in my mind, is the ultimate sin in the shoe world. Now I have seen so many ugly […]

April 8, 2010

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The Allure Of Two-Toned Shoes

Have you ever walked down the street wearing a pair of two-toned shoes and happen to notice that 90% of the people that you walk by have checked out your shoes. Now depending on the rest of your outfit they could be thinking, “man, that guy/girl is wearing some ugly ass shit” or “wow, they have great style!” It’s an invigorating feeling not knowing whether people are judging you or praising you, but nonetheless they […]