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August 31, 2020

Sole Creativity on the Rise!

A strange phenomenon has occurred and that is that people seem to be enjoying more and more the idea of a decorated shoe sole and pictures of them. When I add a sole shot to my IG feed, depending on how shiny it is and the angle of it, often it is getting more likes, comments and circulation than my pictures of beautiful shoes. Go figure. Maybe I should become ‘The Sole Snob’ and only […]

August 10, 2020

The Best Shoemaker in the World

Doesn’t Exist… So, now you are thinking, ‘wait, what?’ Doesn’t exist? What does that mean? Well, it means that this slogan can only apply to you and your opinion. No one person can label the best shoemaker in the world as the idea of what makes a shoemaker good is completely subjective. Let’s take a look at the things that make up a good shoemaker, point by point, and dissect how everything can be interpreted […]

August 6, 2020

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A Dress Shoe Guide for Noobs

I feel like many dress shoe noobs have a lot of unrealistic expectations when it comes to stepping into their first decent pair of dress shoes and am hoping to help shed some light on the often misconceptions I see in the online world being discussed. So here goes: 1. Leather Creases. Get used to it. If it is not creasing its not real leather. There is no such thing as crease free leather. And […]

July 18, 2016

Classics Beyond Classics – Main D’Or

Today has been so manic that I really don’t even have time to write much but I saw these bespoke shoes by Main D’or on Claymoor’s List and fell in love. They make classic shoes look better than I have ever seen before and that is no lie. They are completely flawless in every aspect from making to last shape and balance of last, to pattern design and every other little details that one could […]

February 5, 2015

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Gaziano & Girling Holkham

What’s funny is that I have been to the Gaziano & Girling shop about a million times now and have seen this shoe those same million times but it never really hit me like it did today when seeing their new photography on the website. And what dawned on me most, was the fact that out of the 80 or so pairs of dress shoes that I have, not one of them is a dark […]

October 31, 2014

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The Cordovan Loafer by Crockett & Jones

I have never personally understood the huge, cult-like appeal to cordovan. I mean, it shines really nice, lasts really long and is durable, but I guess for the upcharge that you have to pay to get all of that, I have never really thought twice about it. The only shoe that I have every fancied to have in cordovan is the classic loafer, whether it be a penny or tassel version. While you can get […]

November 24, 2010

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Shoes Of The Week

Men’s Shoes:† J.M. Weston † Picture Courtesy Of: Leffot Lately, I have been quite stuck on boots and colorful shoes with multiple materials and I figured that it was time to go back to the other spectrum of the shoe industry that I love: the classics. Some days you have this urge to wear something bright, different or just something that you know that no one else will own, but other days provide for simplicity […]

November 3, 2010

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Gucci – Fall/Winter 2010

Out of all of the Italian design houses, Gucci has to be my favorite. I think this is because they manage to stay classic yet are still considered a major designer label, which usually is a title that lends itself to companies that create the latest and greatest fashion statements. And not that they don’t, they just do it differently. For instance, Gucci will take one of their classic shoes, like the loafer above, and […]

April 23, 2010

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The Whole-Cut Shoe

If you look up the word elegant in the first definition that it gives is: “Tastefully fine or luxurious in dress, style, design, etc.” To me, the whole-cut dress shoe sums this definition up to a ‘T.’ The fact that it has no stitching (apart from the heel) leaves it completely refined and flawless. Obviously not every whole-cut ever made has fit this description but when they have been made properly, with a beautiful […]

March 15, 2010

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The Return Of The Classics Part 3 – Wingtips

Whats great about wingtips, is their ability to be unique and be designed with almost an infinite array of possibilities. Their ability to be modernized has been prevalently shown in society with all of the different types of wingtips that you see these days, spreading it’s style into almost every form of shoe, whether it be dress, casual, sport etc. Unlike the other classics that I have talked about, wingtips have already made their comeback […]