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October 18, 2010

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From Ashy To Classy – Florsheim + Duckie Brown = Succes

While I might hurt some feelings here, I have to say that Florsheim (before it started collaborating) made the 1st, ugliest-shoe-ever, which was called “Reva” and is pictured directly below in black and burgundy. This is the shoe that everyone’s great grandfather owned and LOVED!!! Then they discontinued it, which was probably the second smartest thing they have ever done. The act, though, that surpasses it for brightest idea is their recent collaboration with the […]

June 17, 2010

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Shoe Of The Day

Shoes like this give me inspiration!! Knowing that they exist and people are wearing them only makes me feel better about wanting to start my own shoe line. When I searched for this shoe (Florsheim by Duckie Brown) online I saw that at most of the sites that sold it over the net were close to sold out, with the exception of Zappos that has an inventory so big it must be hard to sell […]