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February 21, 2019

HRH Prince of Wales Visit to Gaziano & Girling

It would appear that Gaziano & Girling had the honor and pleasure of hosting the Prince of Wales and Future King into their factory while at the same time honoring him with a very beautiful and unique pair of oxfords. I have to say that the medallion is absolutely gorgeous. It is apart of the emblem of the Royal Family for those that might not be familiar with it and I think that it suits […]

January 17, 2011

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On The Way To Lorsdship: Edward Green’s & Three-Piece Suits

† There are two things, both quintessentially British, that I have always wanted but have never come across the perfect opportunity of getting. When I say this, I mean in the sense that all the pieces of the puzzle did not fit. While I have never been rich, there were definitely times where I may have been able to splurge on some Edward Green’s offered on eBay or something of the sort. But simply buying […]